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wire mesh machine| Move pendulum wire mesh machine

Wire diameter Φ:3-6mm Width:1.5m Length:The length is not more than 2 meters

Product Description

  Move pendulum wire mesh machine

Technical parameters:

   Wire diameter Φ:3-6mm


   Length:The length is not more than 2 meters


  The vertical wire moves the pendulum wire machine Welding control system: welding net machine equipment control system used PLC digital programmable control system, control system integration in separate mainframe control electric cabinet, control accuracy, high control accuracy, and interface consists of touch screen and keys, through the touch screen can adjust welding parameters, simple, convenient and easy, without complex tedious operation.

 The mesh welding machine Welding transformer: adopt new high-efficiency transformer, generally equipped with adjustable eight-stage transformer, enlarge the scope of welding wire diameter, enlarge the scope of machine use.

   Blanking system: weft wire feeding adopts the latest mobile electric funnel to improve the production efficiency of the machine. Stepper motor is used to control the feeding. The feeding is accurate, the drop point is accurate, and the welding edge is neat without cutting twice. Feeding through the wire adopts the disk wire circulation feeding, no manual placement, automatic feeding controlled by the servo motor.

  Pull network system: servo motor control, automatic circulation pull network, pull network precision, smooth network surface, and equipped with automatic cutting network equipment, can automatically cut and stack the network, reduce the cost of manual operation.