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wire straightening machine| The wire drawing machine

6.5-5.5mm wire drawing machine 6.5-4.2mm wire drawing machine 6.5-3.8mm wire drawing machine 6.5-3.2mm wire drawing machine 6.5-2.8mm wire drawing machine

Product Description

Wire Straightening Machine / Wire Drawing Machine

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Wire Straightening Machine / Wire Drawing Machine Description

The wire drawing Straightening machine, manufactures wire drawing. Part of the steel wire pole as resources and also reduces its diameter as high as you desire.

It is the first wire drawing machine, essential to process steel wire as well as metallic mesh in its different applications.

With this wire drawing machine you will certainly not have to bother with buying as well as keeping in supply a lot of various sizes of black wire or galvanized wire.

By having this maker, you will only have to purchase the wire rod in its primary state and also you will be able to minimize its diameter for all sort of usages.

Whether you market wire in different diameters or make numerous kinds of mesh, our wire attracting machine is crucial to collaborate with all opportunities of sizes.

Just how does it function?

The Wire Straightening Machine includes 6 parts:

1.Calamine metal stripping device: Gets rid of calamine from wire rod.

When the rod remains in its most main state, it includes a slim but significant layer of iron, an item of its hot production procedure.

This device then gets rid of the calamine to ensure that the attracting procedure is fluid and effective.

2. Wire developing/Straightening machine:

It is utilized to hone the suggestion of rounded wire to obtain a pointed shape.

The aim of this first step is to assist in the access of the wire into the wire drawing maker, as it uses some drawing cones in which it is less complicated as well as more fluid work for the drawing device if the wire already includes the form of these cones.

3. wire illustration maker:

It's the most significant and also main device in the whole system. It is in charge of obtaining the sharpened wire and slowly lowering its size.

We present a basic diagram of the job flow of the wire drawing machine

4. Grafiling machine: Allows the grafiling to be accomplished on the drawn wire.

It is essential to use the attracting to the attracted wire when steel pole or electrowelded mesh for concrete reinforcement is manufactured.

5. PLC(digital mahcine): 

Controls the electrical system of the wire drawing machine, allowing its rate and drawing force to be differed.

It is necessary that the PLC is very carefully secured from the workplace as well as has a box developed for comfy usage.

6. wire signing up with welding device: 

Permits the union of 2 coils (or rolls) of wire drawn by means of an area welder to fuse their lengths as well as provide coils in any type of weight.

The wire attracting device.

Wire Drawing Machine type

wire Illustration Device wholesale

6.5-5.5 mm wire drawing machine

6.5-4.2 mm wire drawing machine

6.5-3.8 mm wire drawing machine

6.5-3.2 mm wire drawing machine

6.5-2.8 mm wire drawing machine

DINGNIU wire drawing machine solution:

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