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wire mesh machine| Tunnel manual wire threading machine

1.Mesh length: 1.2m×2m or 1.2m×3m or 1.5m×3m 2.Welding wire diameter: 6-8mm 3.Welding aperture: 200*200mm or 250*250mm 4.Number of warps (solder joints) : 6 or 8 5.Power supply: 380 v, 50 hz 6.Frequency conversion electromagnetic brake motor: 3KW 7.Welding speed 35-45 (row/min)

Product Description

Bs-220 tunnel mesh welding machine (row welding machine)

  Tunnel network welding, electrical and mechanical motive power, USES the synchronous control technology, control of welding and welding time are controlled by CNC, input panel for touch screen, reasonable operation, and has a compact, split the characteristics of the welding, welding power for electric, hopper adopts stepper motor, brake motor drive the car let off, stepping motor drive the car net. Both warp and weft wires are straightened and cut by straightening machine.

 Tunnel Manual Wire Threading Machine Product advantages:

1. The main frame is welded with thick steel plate and section steel, which makes the main structure firm and compact.

2, weft wire feeding mechanism structure is novel, so that weft wire feeding technology accurately solve each time no leakage or leakage of double wire problem

3, pull the electric machine pull the way can solve the same piece of mesh has different mesh size problem, pull the control system using PLC control screen Chinese display.

4, the use of new welding mesh transformer.

5, welding power electronic control system adopts synchronous control technology, PLC control, Chinese display, control accuracy is stable.    

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Technical parameters

Model: bs-220

Mesh length: 1.2m×2m or 1.2m×3m or 1.5m×3m

Welding wire diameter: 6-8mm

Welding aperture: 200*200mm or 250*250mm

Number of warps (solder joints) : 6 or 8

Power supply: 380 v, 50 hz

Frequency conversion electromagnetic brake motor: 3KW

Welding speed 35-45 (row/min)

Manual wire threading machine

Auxiliary equipment: CNC hydraulic straightening and cutting machine, straightening and cutting 5-8mm reinforcement.

Special specifications according to customer requirements customized!

The Semi-automatic Wire Threading Machine manufacturer After-sales commitment of equipment:

1. The warranty period of the whole machine is 12 months, and the equipment program is maintained for life. The warranty does not include vulnerable parts (welding electrodes and joints, etc.) and artificial damage.

2. If the customer's equipment fails, our company will give a clear answer within 24 hours after receiving the customer's call and go to the customer's company for maintenance in time.

3. After the warranty period, our company will provide lifelong after-sales service support and provide equipment accessories at the original price of accessories.