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wire mesh machine| 2-4mm, 40m roll wire mesh machine

Wire diameter:2-4mm Width:1m-2.5m Lenght:40m roll wire mesh

Wire Mesh Machine Product Description

 Wire Mesh Machine

Brief Discription of Wire Mesh Machine

The main features of the Automatic Wire Mesh Machine Manufacturer are as follows: the longitudinal line for coil wire feeding,.

Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Machine wholesale the horizontal line for broken wire feeding, the continuous production of sheet net or web rolling.

Automatic Wire Mesh Machine Main Function Structure: 

the longitudinal straightening device, the longitudinal positioning mechanism, the horizontal line hopper, the mechanical drawing mechanism, the grid positioning mechanism. 

Product advantages: construction mesh welding machine mechanical structure compact, simple operation, complete functions.

Roll Wire Mesh Machine Technical Parameters:

 Wire diameter:2-4mm


 Lenght:40m roll wire mesh

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